Video Production Packages

Ready to take your visual display to the next level. Unlike other videographers we offer a plethora of styles for you to choose from. None of that mundane back and forth swaying and stabilizing resulting in a warped video that makes your viewers nauseous. Let us tell your story in full HD and reach a wide audience through our social, television, web and mobile audiences.



Our Styles 


No matter your niche, the duration or genre of your video we are here to serve you. Below you will find our affordable subscription packages that will allow you to set your quarterly, bi-annual or annual advertising budget and focus on other areas of your business with the money you save and generate through our services.

Stand Alone


We also offer great standalone packages to take care of your immediate and short-term production needs affordably with unprecedented turnaround time.

Need a Longer


There is no video too long for us! We produce feature-length films, documentaries, events and so much more. Interested in having a longer duration for your video or want t start a dream project? There is nothing too big or small for us. Oh yeah, nothing too far either…just let us know and we will create an affordable custom package that fits your needs!  Here are a couple of trailers from our longer form videos! 

Feature Films, Short Films & Documentaries


Events & PSA’s

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